Oct 11, 2014


Efes is a magical place to me. 
I remember how fascinated I was when I first went there with my parents about 15 years ago. Despite the scorching heat and tourist crowd on this hot August day, I was very excited to show my boyfriend the ruins of Ephesus, this ancient Greek city that was built in the 10th century BC. Since we are both very interested in historic places we got our audio guides and made the most of our visit, though it was not as long as we wanted it to be.

 Of course I couldn't resist wearing my white Infinity Dress there and I'm really glad my partner took these pictures for the blog to capture me in front of such a unique backdrop. One of my personal favorite posts ever on the blog, what do you guys think?

The awe-inspiring Library of Celsus

Dress: Tart 
Necklace: H&M

The magnificent theatre with 25'000 seats

Oct 8, 2014

Golden october


Chances are pretty high that we're going to be blessed with a golden October here in Switzerland. So why not holding the typical autumn colors back for a while and stick to summery shades as long as it's pleasantly warm? I wanted to quickly show you, which colors I really enjoyed this Summer - all very vibrant:

1. serial Shopper
2. lacquered up
3. roarrrrange
4. haute in the heat
5. style hunter
Kind of ironic, but later this afternoon I'm actually heading to Essie's launch event of their Winter 2014 collection...


Oct 4, 2014


One of our favorite discoveries was the town of Kalkan on Turkey’s southwestern coast. During our road trip which started from the Mediterranean heading to the Aegean sea, our plan was to stop along the coast wherever we liked most. After staying a night in Kas we arrived in Kalkan, which is a former fishing village that has still kept a lot of its charm especially in the old town. We loved discovering little shops and a new restaurant each night and wandering the streets was really romantic. It's such a relaxed place compared to some other coast towns that completely mesmerized us and we definitely want to go back there one day. Maybe then we'll get around to go diving, it's supposed to be amazing. 

The little hotel we stayed at and the people who run it made our stay that much more memorable. If you ever end up in the area, look no further than the White House (or the adjacent Courtyard). During our road trip we never reserved a room in advance since we wanted to be spontaneous and this little tipp from our Lonely Planet turned out to be a true gem. 

Beach dress: Zara
Bikini Top: H&M
Bag: vintage
Sunglasses: Saint Laurent

Sep 20, 2014

Old Town Kaleici

I have still so much to share from my holidays in Turkey… are you ready to revisit summer with me? 

Our vacation started in Antalya, a city widely known amongst vacationers all around the world but for some reason I have never been there before. What better occasion than the wedding of a close friend to book a flight and find yourself in the sweltering hot old town of Antalya called Kaleici? It's quite picturesque with its quaint Turkish and Greek houses that are under protection and just a lovely place to begin our two week holiday.

I wanted to find a relaxed but chic dress for the wedding that I could also wear on another occasion during my holidays because why waste luggage space, right? So when I saw this dress on Asos I knew that it fit the bill with its light yellow color, modest cut and lady-like length it was just very fitting for a summer wedding, don’t you think so? 

Dress: Asos 
Clutch: vintage 
Sandals: Vögele Shoes 

Sep 7, 2014

Sunday's Recipe: Fig tart with mascarpone

Holidays are over, summer days almost as well but there are still some things that put a smile on my face and remind me of special moments. Like figs, which I never liked as a child but now love love love because these sweet things remind me of summer days in Turkey, of my grandmother and while they're available I try to eat them as much as possible, hearty or sweet, on their own or as a topping with yoghurt and granola... figs are just great. 

Now that they're widely available, why not give this tart a try? 
Here's what you need and how to make it. 

240 gr flour 
70 gr almond flour 
50 gr white sugar 
7 Tbsp. cold butter, cut into small pieces 
1 egg yolk 
3 Tbsp. ice cold water 
250 gr mascarpone
200 gr light cream cheese 
30 gr brown sugar 
125 ml heavy cream 
1 tsp. vanilla extract 
ca. 500 gr figs

How to make the pastry: 
We're going to make a pate brisée with an almond twist. As I was recently gifted a Kitchenaid I now make everything with it - such a time saver as you have your hands free to prepare other stuff ahead. I mixed the flour, almond flour and sugar just until they were evenly mixed. Then I added the cold butter cubes and mixed until it everything was crumbly, like sand. Next I added the egg yolk and water while the Kitchenaid was running. You can stop when the dough just begins to come together. Unlike other times I made a pate brisée, the recipe I followed told me to just press the dough into a tart pan without rolling it out. I bought a tart pan specifically to use with various summer fruit and as it is a silicone one (the bottom is not removable) I was a bit nervous but it worked out fine. Now if you have the time, it's best to place the pan into the freezer for about half an hour. At this point you should preheat your oven to 200 degrees celsius. Before you put the pan in the oven, prick the bottom of the pastry with a fork. Blind-bake the pastry for about 20 minutes, then remove your baking weights and bake another 10 minutes. Let itcool completely before you take it out of the pan and top it with the filling we're going to make next.

For the filling: 
Combine the mascarpone and cream cheese with the brown sugar and cream in a mixer or with a hand whisk. Whip until they're thoroughly combined and fluffy. Add the vanilla extract and whip again just to combine. Maybe next time I'll also add grated lemon zest, something tells me this would be a great fit.
 Fill the cooled pastry with the cream mixture. Slice the figs into quarters and arrange in a circle atop the cream. Just before serving, I'd drizzle a little bit of honey on top of the figs. 


Aug 29, 2014

Dancing in the dark

Here I am, back from a summer holiday which has been truly amazing. We had so much fun on the road discovering places I have never been to before on the Mediterranean and Aegean Coast of Turkey and I can't wait to share many many pictures with you.

Let's start with this versatile dress I ordered shortly before my holiday from The Outnet (it's still on sale by the way). It's the infinity dress by Tart and was the most worn item in my suitcase. Who can blame me? It's summery, white and you can play around with it the way you want to customize different shapes and styles. 

Aug 8, 2014

Babyliss Homelight - an update


After a couple of months of trying the Babyliss HomeLight laser we thought we give a little update how this is going for us. 

Nesli: Starting off I used the Babyliss HomeLight every two weeks after shaving, and after a couple of uses (depends on your skin tone) it was advised to switch to an interval of four weeks. Even though it doesn't take that long to use (depending on the areas you want to treat) I wasn't very disciplined at keeping the schedule. Regarding the pain level other methods bring with them I can honestly say that I mostly didn't feel anything at all using the Babyliss, sometimes it got a little bit warmer when I pulsed but all in all very easy and carefree, if you follow the instructions and protect your eyes with the shield the product comes with, I don't see any hazards personally.  

Mi Ji: I agree with Neslihan's perception - there's one point that I found rather unpractical though: You have to be very precise when pulse lighting an area in order to avoid treating the same spots multiple times. To do so you need a clear sight, but the eye protection glasses that you have to wear, unfortunately clouded my sight and it took me a while to proceed.

So can we already see and feel some changes?

 Hard to tell, but it worked best for us on different parts (N: legs, bikini line / M: bikini line, underarms). We observed not slower but less hair growth, which is exactly what the product is supposed to do. But while using this, you are depriving yourself of longer periods of smooth skin as you shouldn't wax while using this product, but instead shave. So we guess you should consider if you're willing to deal with it for the bigger picture.

 As you shouldn't expose your skin to the sun two weeks after using the Babyliss we stopped during summer and will restart in autumn, continue using it every four weeks through the winter months and hope to have considerably reduced hair to worry about next year. If you don't have sensitive skin, are open to try out new methods and have patience, this product might meet your needs.

Aug 1, 2014


Source:  Pinterest

Recently I have been noticing that a lot of bloggers I follow express similar thoughts: Should we write about more important and perhaps beneficial subjects like self-growth or culture as opposed to beauty and fashion? Are we too addicted to our phones, checking social media even before we washed our face or had coffee?

 Is it time for a digital detox?

As Styleseeking Zurich sixth anniversary approaches, I am more than ever aware of how this blog evolved, of how Mi-Ji and I changed over the years, making this spot on the blogosphere still our common digital playground.

I guess many of you reading this blog also transitioned from being a student to a full time working girl in the last couple of years. There are things we all struggle with, from finding a job that we truly love, advancing in our careers, having meaningful relationships and so on. Add to this neverending list the occasional guilt of not posting here regularly, and there you have it. Sometimes it's just too much to handle. This is where I took a step back trying to understand what it is that's holding me back.

Did you notice that when we post photos of ourselves here, it's usually when we're on a vacation or weekend getaway? When else do you have leisure time to take photos, choosing a beautiful new background that's at the same time interesting? When I first became aware of this, I thought to myself it's actually a little sad that I can't find the time nor energy to shoot day to day outfits, but the longer I think about it... Travelling became so much a part of (lifestyle) blogging these days that people are not keen anymore to visit blogs with outfit pictures taken around a school campus or even your room (remember those times?) Not even fashion weeks excite us anymore as the special couple of weeks in the year the most successful ones show us their activities abroad. Instead we're used to see magazine like pictures from beautiful girls in whatever faraway exotic country you can think of, working having the time of their lives. They hop on flights more often than an average person might take a public bus. So I guess it's ok when I only get to post here (outfit) pictures from my travels, even if that's only the case a couple of times a year as opposed to all the time.

After six years of sharing my hobby here with you, I am glad that our readers are still appreciative and very supportive. One reader recently posted a comment stating

"It is a pleasure to see how your blog and your style has evolved over the years. Styleseeking Zurich was my first blog discovery in 2009 and since then I am thrilled. Even if you transitioned from being a student to working life and a lot has changed since your university days (less time), I hope that you do not lose the joy of blogging (quality not quantity)."

It's words of encouragement like this (thank you Samantha!) that keep me sometimes going and not standing in my own way. I don't want to make promises on the flow of postings here or excuse the lack thereof but let me just say, I found excitement again in the prospect of creating content for our blog and look forward to sharing these after a much needed holiday in Turkey. Hope it's going to be a memorable August in the best way possible, because July wasn't very good to me after all.

Hello August, hello lighter hair, darker skin, warmer water, colder drinks... 
I am ready for you.


Jul 30, 2014

e.l.f. Cosmetics: First Impression


If you live in Central Europe e.l.f. Cosmetics (Eyes Lips Face) could be a brand you never heard of. I follow a bunch of beauty gurus on YouTube and many of them rave about e.l.f. products. Why? They claim to be high quality products at affordable prices. Well, that's exactly what every beauty maniac wants to hear. I've been dying to try out something from e.l.f. for the longest time, not knowing that we have an e.l.f. online shop here in Switzerland! So, when I found out that I could order everything I craved for, I went a little crazy.. I was mainly interested in their cheek products but I figured I could order different products to get a better idea about the whole product range. So, I've been using a lot of e.l.f. cheek products lately and some makeup base products as well as their makeup tools.
Here are some of the products that I've been testing/loving so far:
1. Blush - Peachy Keen: I've been using this blush as a bronzer and also as a blush. It doesn't feel chalky or too shiny - it simply has a beautiful peachy sheen and gives me a dewy look.
2. Baked Blush - Pinktastic: The baked blushes come in different shades and since Pinktastic is a very soft color, I primarily use it as a highlighter.
3. Blush - Gotta Glow: As the name already says, this highlighter makes you glow. Since it feels slightly chalky, I only use a small amount of it.
4. Blush Brush - Crystal: This rather small angled brush is the perfect blush or highlighter brush.  

So, I apply the peachy keen blush in the line that appears when I suck in my cheeks. I also apply a tiny bit of it on the temples and the top of my forehead for a sun-kissed look. For highlighter I grab the pinktastic baked blush and apply this on the top of my cheek bones and sometimes on my browbones. If I want an extra luminous glow, then I put on another layer of the gotta glow blush onto my cheek bones.

I especially love the e.l.f. baked blushes that you can either use as a highlighter, bronzer or blush. You can use them on their own, or layer them lightly on top of other bronzers or blushes you own to give a little bit more depth or glow to it. I haven't used the ones below yet but I can already tell by the swatches that I'm going to incorporate them into my makeup routine. Overall, I think the baked blushes are very functional and beautiful - look at the marbled structure with the color veins!

Along with the products I already mentioned, there are other products that I've been also loving so far:
1. Eyebrow Lifter & Filler - Light Ivory: This eyebrow pencil has on both sides different products - a light brown eyebrow filler and an ivory colored eyebrow highlighter/lifter. One of the caps also comes with an integrated sharpener, which is super handy. I love this pencil since it's really creamy and easy to apply.
2. Essential Lipstick - Seductive: The essential lipsticks come in various different shades. This one is called seductive - a very daily-use-friendly pinky color that looks natural. This lipstick has a pleasant scent and hydrates my lips.
3. Maximum Coverage Concealer - Porcelain: This concealer is not a favorite of mine but it does its job. It also doesn't cake up after a couple of hours, which I really appreciate.
4. Studio Stipple Brush: I own the big and small stiple brush and I absolutely love both of them so much for foundation/concealer application. They're super soft and gives my face an airbrushed look.
Oh, and to set my whole makeup I go for their pressed powder (porcelain).
My first impression on e.l.f. is very positive -  none of their products irritated my skin or left my skin greasy. Since I have oily skin I always hesitated to use bronzers and highlighters, but now I'm all about contouring my face. I will continue to test some of their products and I will try to mention them in upcoming posts. Maybe I will be doing a post on my favorite bronzers soon...

Jul 24, 2014

Healthy Breakfast with KAI Pure Komachi

This is my first time trying to attempt a recipe post - not that I want to (or ever could) take over Neslihan's beautiful "Kitchen Heals Soul" but I've been trying out some new kitchen tools and had this idea to share my thoughts on it combined with a quick and super easy breakfast recipe called Oat Banana Pancake. This is the perfect breakfast for you if you normally don't have much time in the morning but don't want to pass on healthy eating. All you need are three basic ingredients!
Ingredients for the pancakes
(serves approx. 3)
1 Banana
1 Egg
1/3 Cup of Oats (or your favorite granola/muesli)
Take a wire whip and blend everything together. If you want a more powdery version, then use a blender. I'm using a wire whip because I like my pancakes a little crunchy. The second step is to cook them in a regular fry pan.

optional ingredients/toppings: blueberries, raspberries, maple syrup - simply add whatever pleases you. I sometimes put some fresh pomegranate seeds on top of my pancakes..
The pink knife you see in the pictures above is a KAI Pure Komachi Knife. I've been testing a set of three Komachi knives and tried to cook more often. I really enjoyed experimenting with new kitchen tools although I don't consider myself a passionate cook.
What I especially love about these knives is their super lightweight structure. That's the reason why my hand never felt tired while cutting. I also appreciate their non-stick surface, which makes cutting vegetables less annoying. I've been testing their performance with various vegetables, fruits and breads - I must say that the bread and vegetable knives are my favorites. And this might be just a side issue, but you have to love the color-coding, which makes it easy to choose the right knife for each step.
Knife Details
Pink: Vegetable Knife no. 5723
Blue: Chef's Knife no. 5706
Purple: Bread Knife no. 5705
If you're interested in trying out a Komachi knife and experience a new cooking procedure, then check out the whole set at isda !

Jun 30, 2014

Un week-end à Strasbourg

Just two snapshots from Strasbourg where I spent a relaxing girls weekend with my sister a while back. It was the perfect mix of a little bit of sightseeing (the entire central island is a World Heritage Site), shopping and of course wining & dining. 

I was wearing a very classic (and a tad French) outfit consisting of a trench coat and a striped silk blouse, both by Rachel Zoe. Sunglasses are Saint Laurent

Jun 26, 2014

Frends headphones from Westwing Home & Living

Being always on the hunt for hard to come by additions for my apartment it was inevitable I would end up browsing on www.westwing.ch.
For those who are not familiar with the site, let me introduce to you its concept: Westwing Home & Living is an online shop club for curated items for home, garden, closet or your beauty cabinet. Lovingly selected items, always assembled under a specific theme like Maritime flair or Nordic Design, are available on sale for a limited amount of time to members only. 

It got seriously addicted to the point I would check new sales regularly as most items get sold out in the blink of an eye. It’s a great place to get your hands on a designer item or discover lesser known brands. Mainly interested in interior decoration and furniture for my apartment it also came to me as a surprise that my first purchase through Westwing were these Frends Taylor headphones. With its flashy gold and white design it’s easily the most chic one I saw so far and I just had to have it. Perfect for my everyday train commute or when I want some peace and quiet reading a magazine and polishing my nails at home… 

If you got curious and would like to get into the Westwing shopping club as well, here’s an invitation link for Styleseeking Zurich readers to get  
15 CHF off your first purchase
through the site. Register using for free following this link

The headphones came with a sleek pouch to protect the gold caps.

Jun 25, 2014

Chai Love

Whenever I pop by Starbucks I either go for Caffe Latte or (Iced) Chai Tea Latte. I would say that Chai is my second favorite taste after coffee, I just love me a good spicy Chai Tea Latte every once in a while.
As you can see above, the ever-expanding Starbucks released a new flavor and added Chai Tea Latte to their Discoveries beverage lineup early this month here in Switzerland. Whenever I'm craving Indian Masala Chai, I don't need to go to the Starbucks shop anymore. I can get the drinks at my local grocery store as well and squeeze them into my daily coffee/chai routine.

In honor of this occasion, Starbucks invited us to join their cozy event starting with a delicious coffee-tasting round. Although the event was all about the new beverage, they also asked Mr. Clifford Lilley over to talk about the latest summer trends: It's all about comfy feet! What do you think about the green chunky Prada Sandal (as seen in the photo above)? I'm not thrilled about this specific model, but I definitely recommend chunky platform sandals for this summer as well! They're comfortable and simply fun to play with - why not creating innovative stylistic inconsistencies by pairing them with elegant yet casual pieces?!

And of course I just had to take pictures with Clifford, who was by the way the most hilarious and open person I met lately!


Jun 23, 2014

The office chic

Good news everyone - here's finally a new outfit post on my part AND a possibility to win a PKZ giftcard worth 500 Swiss francs!
I was lucky enough to create a whole outfit using all the precious pieces that you can get at the PKZ Women store for a little fashion challenge. I wanted to put together a classy yet fun outfit, that you can easily dress up or down if you want an office appropriate look. I don't normally wear airy pants but I fell in love with the print. I chose some killer heels to complete the look and to give some edge to the wider shapes - I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone!

To win a PKZ giftcard, please have a look at the Fashion Challenge and go for my office-chic outfit!

Blouse: Equipment
Shoes: Vic Matié
(Necklace: Forever21)

- Good luck everyone and thanks for your support -